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Application Systems
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The calibration system consists of a calibration tube and check valve. The tube is constructed of light weight resistant plastic and virtually unbreakable. Measured in ounces and milliliters, this system allows precise application of DustNet eliminating over or under application, guaranteeing quality and assuring the highest efficiency of product usage.
The plumbing is constructed of resistant polypropylene for extended life and features a built-in strainer assembly to protect the pump and lines.
DustNet Application Systems, state of the art technology, built by the world leader in fluid application systems are dependable, accurate, durable and at 198 lbs., portable.
The 200 gallon tank is constructed of the same highly resistant polyethylene as the base. With a cone bottom it is completely drainable assuring no product waste and is translucent for quick product level confirmation.
Each system includes an on/off switch with built-in motor protection. The switch not only gives a visual confirmation of the system operation, it also protects the motor from burn-up.
The heart of the DustNet Application System is a 30/30 duplex, diaphram, MiltonRoy metering pump. With 3/4" inlet and outlet check valves, and accuracy to +-1%, all moving parts are submerged in oil for extended life.
The base, constructed of polyethylene, is resistant to most chemicals, harmful UV rays and the elements. Hand holds allow for easy lifting into truck beds or onto trailers. The base provides support for the tank, plumbing and pump.
65 1/2"
42 1/4"
67 1/2"