HORTONCRETE is a unique polymer concrete designed to pass the acid test. It is made from a blend of furfuryl alcohol monomer plus an acid catalyst combined with a specially treated mineral aggregate. The result, a-cross-linked resinous polymer concrete that forms a super strength bond with the aggregate and creates a material impervious to over 400 chemicals. Because of this tremendous advantage HORTONCRETE is ideal for plant concrete maintenance and construction in industries such as petroleum, meat packing, drugs, power plants, waste treatment, wherever strong chemicals are present.




TC1210 DUSTNET, a liquid dust suppressant, is a truly evolutionary product on the cutting edge of technology to reduce nuisance and respirable dust. Applied at only forty (40) ounces per ton, for most media, DUSTNET reduces up to 97% of nuisance dust during normal transfer operations and as much as 76% respirable dust during blasting. DUSTNET has been tested and proven equally effective with numerous abrasives.


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