EMI, International

Founded in 1992 Enviro-Mates, Incorporated has grown from a small manufacturing concern to one of the worldĄŻs leading producers of dust suppressants.   Operating as EMI International we continue to manufacture our Hortoncrete Polymer Concrete, TC1210 DustNet and EQ1220 DustNet in Pensacola, Florida, with blending sites and distribution terminals in Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, and Illinois, USA.  In Canada we have blending, distributions and warehousing options in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Always cognizant of the critical role we play, our objective is to internationally provide major industries with quality products to address some of the worst environmental issues and health hazards they deal with daily, as well as bring them into compliance with Federal Regulations.

Moreover, we are more than simply a manufacturing company.  With the assistance of specialists, engineers, advisors, research and development experts we continue to create new and improved dust suppressants designed to perform in many different industries and environments.

Our leadership in our industry is complemented by a commitment to not only provide quality products but exceptional, personal service to our customers.  This we accomplish through our commitment to quality, health, safety, environmental responsibility and consistent improvement accomplished with the assistance of many outstanding people.




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